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But seriously, let’s “ask China” how they tested so many people.

Buried in the subtext of a racist flourish before exiting stage right, yesterday’s press conference accidentally asked a much more important question: How did China manage to test so many people? First, China’s numbers: LOL nope. Moving on then… What China did effectively was testing, isolation, and mapping the spread. Hubei Province is no small[read more]

The one where the Washington Post accidentally highlights the generational divide of the Democratic Party

One entertaining part about being a fly on the wall is being able to read how people “of a slightly different generation” view responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t know Paul Kane or Mike DeBonis, but I do know they co-authored a piece this morning in the Washington Post that answers a question that…[read more]

White House Coronavirus Press Briefing (Probably)

The podium buzzes with people. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx shuffle about, while Vice President Pence touches his nose and mouth, before shaking hands with four people in flight suits. We wait for President Trump to take the podium. President Trump enters from the left, shaking hands with everyone on stage. He begins reading prepared[read more]

There is no “going back to normal” after this. Things will never be the same.

It all does feel like a scene from a Michael Bay film, doesn’t it? A typecast news anchor-woman in a responsible blazer flashes across our screen, her muted voice playing in the background. “Scientists are rushing to find a cure for the vaccine, but experts say it could be over a year away.” Will Smith[read more]