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Republicans like shooting guns in their ads

Let’s just start by saying this: I like shooting guns. It’s fun. Whether it’s at a range, or just out on a farm somewhere shooting milk jugs, I understand the appeal of shooting guns. What I don’t understand is the literal need to show other people you can shoot. That doesn’t just go for political[read more]

Sometimes you have to remember where you were in order to appreciate where you are.

Back in probably… 1996, or somewhere around that time, I was a kid in the middle of a bad situation. My parents got divorced, and my mom made the wrong decision on her second husband. She’ll even admit as much today, as she’s been with her third husband for a good long time now. But[read more]

Please, journalists. Use the correct words. It’s not a “reinstatement.” It’s a coup attempt.

I’m trying to be charitable about this. I really am. I want to give journalists the benefit of simply reporting, because I know all my journalist friends try to remain unbiased. But I need y’all to level with me here, because you can’t keep giving Donald Trump the benefit of his own messaging. Recently, Maggie[read more]

One simple way to know Matt Gaetz is full of shit.

In case you missed it, Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for child sex trafficking, because of course he is. Why wouldn’t Matt Gaetz, the only member of Congress to vote against child sex trafficking laws… be involved. Let’s just restate that: This was a layup of a bill he voted against. Every single other[read more]

Georgia: “Whoa whoa whoa. That’s entirely too many black people voting.”

Kinda crazy how a black guy gets elected to the Senate from Georgia, and then the Georgia state legislature decided it was time to undo that whole “voting” thing. What a sad day to call Georgia my home state. Just look at these fucking racists. This is what the GOP does. They claim “election fraud”[read more]

People need to remember to have fun.

I think people forget sometimes that fun isn’t the only point, but it’s mostly the point. Rip around on a bike sometimes, dye your hair blue, eat food that is so spicy it’s meant to cause you pain, and enjoy this whole thing. This definitely isn’t a mid-life crisis. Don’t worry. I don’t feel like[read more]