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Stop Doom Scrolling

Your brain is not designed to endlessly absorb awful news, overwhelming emotion, and a sense of helplessness. The human brain is simple, and you’re overwhelming it. About 11,000 years ago, we exited the Pleistocene. At that time, we ceased being purely hunter-gatherers, and moved into an agrarian society. We learned to farm, communicate better, and[read more]

But seriously, let’s “ask China” how they tested so many people.

Buried in the subtext of a racist flourish before exiting stage right, yesterday’s press conference accidentally asked a much more important question: How did China manage to test so many people? First, China’s numbers: LOL nope. Moving on then… What China did effectively was testing, isolation, and mapping the spread. Hubei Province is no small[read more]

The one where the Washington Post accidentally highlights the generational divide of the Democratic Party

One entertaining part about being a fly on the wall is being able to read how people “of a slightly different generation” view responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t know Paul Kane or Mike DeBonis, but I do know they co-authored a piece this morning in the Washington Post that answers a question that…[read more]

Cheap ass videos that look great.

Now that the entire world is socially distanced and locked down, I can’t shoot video the way I normally would. Yet, I still need to be able to shoot pre-roll commercials for my business. I need a camera that I can use, that doesn’t have some insane learning curve to make it work. (I love[read more]

Review: The Strokes – The New Abnormal

Let’s just start this off, because I know most of you probably just want to know one thing: “Should I give this one a listen?” The score, in case you’re trying to get out of here… 8.5/10 It’s really good. It’s not quite at that “listen-to-it-every-day-for-a-few-weeks” level of greatness, but I genuinely enjoyed it. Whether[read more]