We aren’t giving Anthony Fauci nearly enough credit. He’s a hero.

Watching a press conference this afternoon, it struck me that Anthony Fauci is a hero. When Donald Trump had fired everyone else, Anthony Fauci knew he had to stick around. I’m going to link to this eight minute video below, and if you have time to watch it, you should. Anthony Fauci is absolutely the man for the job, and I’m thankful he weathered the storm.

Anthony Fauci knew that we needed continuity of information and planning to have any chance at fighting COVID. If there was any disruption or the chain of command broke down, it would mean extra losses in the hundreds of thousands.

Without a doubt, Fauci has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, because if Trump had fired him, there would have been no one around to do… anything. The guy just carried the lies, because he knew someone with knowledge had to be in the room. He couldn’t allow a Trump “expert” (a foot doctor maybe?) run the operation.

Fauci carried weight in lies. You could see it in his face. The guy knew that people were dying. But he couldn’t resign and let it get even worse with no one in command.

He also knew that President Trump was a verifiable moron. The guy should never be allowed to be in charge of an actual emergency. Remember Fauci straight up laughing and doing a facepalm on live TV? That’s why he just shut his mouth and did what he could behind the scenes.

Fauci is a hero. Truly. Talking today, he got to speak his truth, and that’s when I realized Fauci would get us through this. I think I got a little emotional, because I know that Dr. Anthony Fauci is really damn good at his job, and he’s about to be given the resources to get us out of this, hopefully within 6 months. (I have seen numerous places that life can start going back to normal at like 80-85% vaccination rates, as it promotes herd immunity. Or has Trump called it, “herd mentality.”)

Remember when Trump was told that we needed to lock down America and contact trace everyone? Something like 3 weeks, with minimal movement.

Narrator: He did not understand that.

So a shit ton of people died. And a lot more would have died if Fauci had been allowed to speak freely and honestly. Telling doctors not to talk to the press or answer certain questions is insane. Those non-answers give rise to nonsense conspiracy theories. When the public doesn’t have answers, the answers get made up.

Fauci can finally talk. It’s about time.