But seriously, let’s “ask China” how they tested so many people.

Buried in the subtext of a racist flourish before exiting stage right, yesterday’s press conference accidentally asked a much more important question: How did China manage to test so many people?

First, China’s numbers: LOL nope. Moving on then…

What China did effectively was testing, isolation, and mapping the spread. Hubei Province is no small area, with a population in line with the state of California. It’s hard (understatement) to keep 30+ million people from touching each other, interacting, or otherwise doing things people do.

China took testing seriously, and because they’re a technocratic state with the ability to put anything into production in an eye-blink… they did. The Trump administration famously promised millions of COVID-19 tests per day… like two months ago. We’re still very much in the “tens of thousands” per day territory.

Donald Trump is probably right. We should ask China how they did it. We clearly don’t have the answer.