As it turns out, Mitch McConnell won the game.

Remember back in early January, when Mitch McConnell said he was open to the idea of impeaching Donald Trump, and he wanted to hear the evidence?

Remember when he asked Chuck Schumer to delay the trial so “Donald Trump’s lawyers would have time to prepare” or something like that? He never meant a word of that, and Democrats fell for the same bullshit.

Just so we are clear: Mitch McConnell pushed the impeachment trial in the Senate so he and his bullshit GOP crew could make the bullshit claim that you can’t impeach a President after he’s out of office.

Why is this impeachment trial happening right now? Because it’s what Mitch McConnell asked for. This is why you can’t trust the GOP. Even when their own Vice President is under attack from a violent mob, they won’t protect him. They only look out for themselves.