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What Beavis & Butthead can teach us about politics in 2020.

Sometimes, when I need a chuckle, I’ll hearken back to this piping-hot take from guy-who-is-often-wrong-as-fuck, Jonathan Chait. It was called “2012 or Never“, and I still remember reading it the day it was published. This was earlier in the Twitter-era, but politically active types still shared it around, patting themselves on the back. Back then,[read more]

The Narrative of right-wing media: It’s wrestling, basically

Professional wrestling is professional, but it’s only “wrestling” in the sense that it mimes wrestling. Wrestling, as you would define it as a scholastic or Olympic sport, makes for poor television. (With exceptions for stories like Anthony Robles, the one-legged wrestler. That was fuckin’ awesome.) Bob Costas does an admirable job trying to make the[read more]

Here’s the reality of how clicks work: You need me.

I found out that “.sucks” is a domain suffix you can own, so I figured I might as well embrace the fact that I must suck. Because according to the clickbait overlords of the internet — I do suck. However, I suck in a way that makes me indispensable to the internet. If you’re not[read more]